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Sat 7th

Kingstone Bus Stop / Filthy Militia

free entry
18+ / bring ID

Kingstone Bus Stop (SWE) is coming to London! They are putting on a show with London ska group Filthy Militia.  It’ll be two bands uniting for their love of reggae, ska, rocksteady & 100% niceness.

Kingstone Bus Stop – 8-piece reggae outfit bringing us the most fun possible from Kungssten in Sweden. It’s gonna be a killah, a dancehall murderer! Wicked! OINK! BOOM!

Filthy Militia – Born mid-way through the clusterfuck that was 2016, Filthy Militia combine punk with Balkan melodies, skankable grooves and infectious horn lines.

“The ska scene in the UK is undergoing a bit of a resurgence again at the moment and I think that Filthy Militia are among the best that I’ve heard.” – Colin’s Punk Rock World

7 March 2020

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