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The Workshop

Fri 18th

Jacuzzi Mansion + Support

7pm - 11pm
£7-£8 adv; more otd
18+ / bring ID

HOT VOX presents:

Jacuzzi Mansion – a London three-piece inspired by rock, grunge and the blues, Jacuzzi Mansion’s sound is raw and energetic, driven by heavy guitar tones and a committed beat. Sometimes edging on a soundscape, the tracks lose you in blues licks and their favoured trashy breakdowns. It’s loud and fast, and the band will want you to have fun.

Toby Charles – Toby Charles is a 21 year-old singer-songwriter originally from rural Worcestershire. Toby has been writing and playing his own music since he was given his first guitar for his 11th birthday, and since then he was been influenced by a wide spectrum of musical styles and artists. Often described as soulful, Toby is frequently praised for his live performances, where he is known to experiment with his own songs.

King Riot – 3 of a pair that lives to play live rock music to any crowd. Big choruses, big sounds and big hearts.

6AM SAINT – a punk rock band from Cambridge, after recording their first single ‘Poppin Indigo’, and taking it to the New York scene, they came home and started playing live and getting their music heard. Formed by front man, Nathan Fire Jackson, with the help of childhood friends James Allison and Joe Richardson. 6 AM Saint influences include Green Day, HIM and Ramones, all while drawing in elements of Metallica and Misfits.

The Silver Lines – a four piece rock ‘n’ roll band from the North of England formed in late 2017. Drawing influences from late 60s powerhouses, such as The Kinks and The Rolling Stones. Expect snarling vocals, bluesy riffs and swaggering tunes.

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