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Thu 17th

The Insomniac Cafe

11pm - 4am
free entry
18+ / bring ID

The Insomniac Cafe is a hang-out for all the Thursday night owls. This edition is hosted by DJ KIRIKU who will be playing a mix of indie dance and hip house.

Kiriku says: ‘The inspiration for this name comes from a famous French film called “Kirikou et la Sorcérie”.

Kiriku is a special child who was born in a little African village and as a newborn, he was already able to talk and crawl. So special that he cut his umbilical cord by himself. His village is burdened by the vexations of the witch Karaba, who ate every single man in the village, even those who tried to fight her. Kiriku decides that he wants to face the witch, but he wants most is to find an answer to his question: “Why is Karabà evil?”
Watching the cartoon made me emphatize with Kiriku’s story and way to act, so that I believe his genuinity can be found in my music and in the way I approach to the emotional part of this art, trying to communicate deeper emotions in the most spontaneous way; typical of the childhood.
I also share with the character his determination and good faith, as a way to reach the aim of the quest.
And this is the reason why I chose “Kiriku” as the name of my project.
On the musical side the project has some percussions sounds very close to hip hop and american dance, but the arrangements and the melodical samples belong to an European atmosphere.’


Roadtrip says: Enter over the threshold of this nocturnal disc jockey juke join and rendezvous with equally abstract creative night owls for thinking & drinking in an atmosphere that is conducive to seeking & meeting without the music dominating your vibration & conversation.

17 October 2019

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