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Mon 17th

I Luv Live

Soul / Funk / Pop / RnB
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Mytton Sanneh – 18 year old singer, songwriter from near Birmingham in the UK. He’s have been in the music industry since he was 10 years old performing as Michael Jackson in Thriller Live in London’s West End & across the UK & Europe. Mytton also took part in Britain’s Got Talent 2011 with his then band New Bounce. Later in 2015, he got as far as the 6-chair challenge in X-Factor and since been working on his sound as a Solo artist in Wolverhampton.

Intensi-T – Tom Povey aka Intensi-T is about to make his mark. The 24-year-old beatboxer, rapper, singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist from Norwich is the first credible act to assemble a whole album of potential pop songs using just the voice: the instrumental parts, the guitar, bass, keyboards and drums – the works.
He discovered music at an early age via his dad’s CD collection (music is in his genes: his great-granddad was lead trombonist in the BBC symphony orchestra, the first band on TV). It was through the dextrous use of the loop pedal that Tom was able to construct full songs, by looping and layering all of the individual sounds.

Cat Burns – Singer/songwriter from Streatham, South London. She recently put out her debut ep ‘Adolescent’ on iTunes and it charted at number 12 within the first 24 hours of it being released. She’s currently studying music at The Brit School for Performing Arts and Technology.
” I don’t like putting myself into a box, as I feel like it limits me as a musician, I love performing and writing music and would love to have a successful music career in the future! ”

Poison & The Cure – They don’t hold back. They’re all for intricate harmonies, soulful singing and the grooves. Portraying all aspects of love without the smoke screen. The playful duo emulate a timeless feel, pulling inspiration from 90s RnB and Pop.

Amahla – Only 21, musician and Hackney native Amahla taps into an era before her time to create an uniquely modern vintage soul sound.A graduate of UCL with a thesis on African American brutality, Amahla’s politics is tightly wrapped up with her vivid lyrics. Her debut single “Old Soul” is out now and as the name suggests, Amahla is out to create creates classic soul records. Already receiving support from Urban Development, Girls I Rate and the prestigious Roundhouse Amahla is ready to inject a new dose of soul into 2018.

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