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The Workshop

Fri 15th

A.R.T + more

£6 otd
18+ / bring ID

Dead or Alive Presents:

A.R.T – inspired by bands such as the Arctic Monkeys, The Kooks, Catfish and the Bottlemen and Rat Boy, A.R.T aim to find new ways to approach the indie/ Alternative rock genre but also bring back the energetic passion modern music has lost in recent years.

Say Yes, Do Nothing – Winners of the 2018 Future Music Showcase Award, SYDN writes songs that are raw and poetic street reports on personal experiences with homelessness, abortion, abuse and alcoholism. SYDN’s unique sound is neatly fused together with vocal harmonies, guitars, harmonica and mandolin.

Press X – Anime Hero Music. Imagine if anime intros and fight scenes were in English.

15 November 2019

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